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Quick Easy Money and Lack of Focus

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I have always put 110% of my focus into my business. I know I want quick easy money and I have always worked hard to get it. Saying this, I have always lacked focus in some ways. I could never settle down and put all my energy into one thing. I see an opportunity, put the ball in motion and then start looking for a new opportunity. The problem was that when I did try and stick with a venture all the way through to the end I got bored. 

I know this sounds bad, but it is not like I did not work hard, I just I found a scatter gun approach more interesting. I seemed to be very good and finding the latest system and I left putting this into place for other members of my team. That is why you have a team of people with different skills, to complement each other. 

Like I said, I never thought this was a really bad thing. I am an information junkie, so I believed my time was best spent finding the next project, or venture. In fact, looking back I think I was just feeling unworthy of quick easy money and I thought that I needed to know more in order to succeed.

As much as I enjoyed it, this process has not brought me the rewards I want or deserve. So I decided to go back to the drawing board and really look at why I was not focusing. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that my lack of focus was a gut-reaction of fear and that I was actually sabotaging myself. If I did not see something through I could always say to myself that it was not successful because of "not knowing enough". Since realizing this I have begun seeing ventures through to the finish and it has brought me closer to quick easy money and greater satisfaction from each working day.

Quick Easy Money? You Can’t Handle Quick Easy Money!

Do you remember that scene from a few good men (one of my favorites) when Jack Nicholson looks at Tom Cruise and says, “You want the truth? You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth”? I had a really big realization over the last few months that the reason I am not making quick easy money or achieved the financial success I have dreamed of is because I cannot handle money. I do not mean handle money in the balancing the check book kind of way, I mean getting the big bucks!
I have always worked hard – I put 100% into my business. I have educated myself on the ways to make money and have learnt all about the systems and processes that guarantee big income. I know these systems work, I am part of a few different forums and speak to people regularly that make quick easy money online. So what was I doing wrong? Why were these systems only helping me break even? I was following the same process as everyone else.
When I looked a bit further I realized that I was afraid of money. I was afraid of the consequences of making it big (of getting there and losing it all), of what people might say about me if I became rich (there are always haters) and a whole load of other fears and doubts. These doubts were literally repelling money from my life. This was why when it came to the finishing line I always managed to self sabotage in some way. The great thing about this is I know now all I need to do is change this and the next process I do will bring in the quick easy money!

Quick Easy Money and Rich People

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I have always been impressed by rich people. What’s not to be impressed by, they are where I want to be! I’ve read the biographies and think that Robert Kiyosaki just speaks good sense. I’ve also dedicated a huge amount of time (and money) financially educating myself. I work hard and I keep on top of the any online quick easy money systems and processes. So, why was it not happening to me? Why was I using the same systems as other people and breaking even? Why was I thinking great, positive things about rich people and still missing the wealth boat?
It occurred to me a few months ago (after the latest mediocre business launch) that there might be something else going on here. That although I might be talking a good talk, that there might be a whole load of limiting beliefs about wealth and rich people that I was clinging onto. So, I had a tough talk with myself and started looking beyond my big talk to what I actually thought.
Not surprisingly (otherwise I would be rich by now!) there were quite a few beliefs holding me back. For example although I want to be rich, I sometimes withhold adding massive value to people unless I’m sure to be paid. This feeling let me know that on some level I think that money is scarce and I have to be greedy in some way. There were lots more subtle things like this behind the “I love rich people façade”. I know now, that until I change these beliefs big money will never come my way because I will always self-sabotage on some level. The great thing is we change our beliefs every single day, so I know this last barrier to making quick easy money is easily beaten.

Thinking Short Term and Quick Easy Money Are Mutually Exclusive

337/365: The Big Money

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So I am the kind of guy who has been on all the courses and read all the books. You could call me an information junkie! I have always believed with enough information you can be successful in business. I still do not believe this is a naïve statement. I still
think you can make quick easy money by following the systems that have made other people money. I know I am a capable guy so there is no reason in my mind why I cannot use someone else’s business blueprint to great success.
This belief was getting a little desperate a few months ago after another mediocre business launch. I was following the processes and still only breaking even – to be honest it was making me feel a little bit like a loser. As a believer in positive thinking, as soon as I slipped into this mindset I decided to stop and have a good hard look at the way I was doing business. This process helped me realize a few things.
While I had the best intentions, I often ended up getting distracted. I was so caught up on other people’s systems and the idea of my making quick money online on the back of one of them that I had “magpie syndrome.” I was constantly distracted by the next great opportunity or business model. I realized that I was caught in the trap of short term thinking.
Rather than thinking of the whole process of being a millionaire (my aim) I always thought in the terms of the next few thousand, the next project. It’s crazy that one thing can make so much difference to making quick easy money, but it has. I notice since I stopped thinking short- term I approach everything in a different way.

Quick Easy Money Versus Self Doubt


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I have always wanted to “get rich” in fact I have spent a lot of my working life “trying to get rich” – to make quick easy money. The fact that I have popped quotations in there might give you a clue that these phrases have not been working out so well for me! I have always been a positive person and believe that you keeping a positive focus on the things you want make you much more likely to achieve them. I still believe this, but to be honest my positive focus on “getting rich” wasn’t getting me so far!
I have put a lot of time, effort and money into educating myself about money and the ways to get it. I’ve attended courses; I keep up to date on the latest processes and applied it all pretty religiously. I was ticking every “how to make quick easy money” box but always seemed to fall short. This did not make me feel great about myself, in fact I was feeling a bit of a failure and was starting to doubt my ability to make money.
Doubting myself has always been a big no, no in my book so I decided to have a look at what I was doing wrong. I was following the procedures correctly, so that was not the issue. So, I started to look at the way I was thinking about “getting rich”. I realized this was the problem, when I imagined being rich it was completely abstract, I could not visualize me in the process. Worse, I was using words like “trying” which is just setting myself up for mental failure. Since I realized this I have changed the words “I get” to “I make quick easy money“. As soon as I do this everything comes alive and I started seeing the checks arriving on my doorstep!

Beat Your Fears of Making Quick Easy Money

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I’ve always thought of myself as pretty confident. I know I’m intelligent, I know that I am a good husband, I know I have the capabilities to make quick easy money, I know I will be a good father. All the things in my life that matter, I have always felt quite confident about. Not arrogant, I know I will have to work hard to achieve some of these things, but I have always felt that I could -that I have the resources within myself to achieve all my goals.
Believing in all that, I just could not understand why, after a few years in business I was not making the money I knew I could. Why others, using the same systems and processes as me were making big money and I was just getting by. So, to be honest I started getting a bit frustrated. I began really thinking about things, challenging a few of my personal assumptions. The conclusions I came to gave me a bit of a shock.

For example, although I felt confident about making money when I looked deeper I had a lot of fears. Part of me believed that I would not be good enough, so I had to rely on the latest quick easy money online scheme and that is what would make me rich – not me. When I finally acknowledged this I actually felt a huge sense of relief, knowing that all I had to change were my beliefs. I wrote some of my fears down on paper and I realized they were not so scary after all. I changed my belief that I was dependant on cigarettes, so I could definitely change this! Now I know that I can make quick easy money, no doubts involved!